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The House

Casa della Gioia is a mid-nineteenth-century aristocratic mansion of great value and charm surrounded by a centuries-old park, spread over three floors, the last of which is attic, for a total of about 900 square meters.

It is furnished with antique furniture chosen over time by the owners. The scent of cleanliness and wax spread on the wood tells of the care with which it is treated in every detail.

The House has welcomed entire families and many, many friends. Its doors have always been open, and even today, care in welcoming is its merit and hallmark.

Those who arrive find a sincere smile, a warm embrace, a drink to enjoy on the wicker sofa looking at the lake, a truly family atmosphere.

Impossible not to feel at HOME.

The rooms

Each room has a name, an atmosphere, a different perspective on the garden.

Often those staying at the House choose their own, and the choice is never random. Youngsters run to the attic room, couples love “La Romantica” or “i Due Balconi” overlooking the wisteria, dreamers the “Camera del Lavandino” where babies were once born.

For each guest there is a room ready to welcome them with such care and love. There are 4 bathrooms, shared, two on the second floor, one in the attic and one on the ground floor, where there is a room with access for people with disabilities.

    The common spaces

    The large spaces of the house are perfect for meeting, working together and practicing, in total relaxation and concetration, group activities.

    On the ground floor, the living room and large kitchen, used to work for so many, are gathering places; the coffee machine is always on for guests and friends.

    The “fireplace hall” seats about thirty people seated and many more standing. From the many overlooks the gaze runs to the garden, always ready to enchant.

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