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The Gazebo

The Gazebo is a fantastic solution for conducting seminars and practicing in a secluded location while still being in the heart of the park.

It is covered with a white awning that slopes down the sides with modular sides that can be adjusted according to light, heat and outside temperature.

Three of the four facades are transparent, and the pleasing design of the windows gives the feeling of practicing in a garden, abetted by the foliage of an ancient tree that slants protectively over its roof.

It is heatable in winter and also has lighting for the evening hours.

The beautiful light-colored parquet floor on which it is mounted makes it the ideal setting to accommodate mats and cushions for floor practices, group circle work, yoga, taijiquan, relaxation and meditation sessions, as well as for dances and even parties.

Also perfect for corporate workshops and seated seminars: it accommodates between 30 and 40 chairs spaced well apart.

It is also an excellent ally for hosting private events, theme parties, luncheons and candlelight dinners.

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