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Casa della Gioia

Follow the road that leads…
to your place of the Heart

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    In a refined natural setting, Casa della Gioia, a charming 19th-century residence, immediately makes one feel at home.

    The magic of the lake, whose waters take on the color of the sky, captures the observer by embracing him in its reflections: shimmering and blue on sunny days, deep and wise when the sky is overcast.

    Walking in the park prompts one to abandon, step by step, the tensions and stresses of city life. One encounters trees with huge trunks, wise centenarians whose slow, deep breathing takes one back in space and time to their roots, and by magic worries flow back to the earth like the dry leaves that fall in autumn, becoming manure for new life.

    The facades, originally Pompeian red, now a fascinating testament to time past, enclose a house with large halls overlooking the garden and rooms on the two upper floors from which there are wonderful views of the park and the enchanting surrounding landscape.

    The House

    The House is your largest body.
    It lives in the sun and falls asleep in the stillness of the night. And it is not without dreams. (Khalil Gibran)


    Holistic Seminars

    The beauty of the park is an ideal setting for wellness paths and holistic seminars, which are at the heart of the House’s hospitality. Yoga sessions, meditation, harmonization practices on the ground and in the green, group workshops in the beautiful gazebo set up amidst the trees in the garden, taijiquan, qi gong, Tibetan bells, counseling, family constellations, bioenergetic therapies and evolutionary experiences to be practiced by drawing on the strength and powerful energy of the guardian trees. The four elements fully represented here, with the power of Heaven and Earth, are themselves conscious mentors for the Transformation.

    Corporate Events

    The environment, natural in its innate elegance, lends itself to hosting top management meetings, strategic meetings in total confidentiality, incentives, team building meetings, kick offs and wood meetings. Indoor and outdoor experiential training, with participants fully engaged in presentations, discussions and hands-on activities, leads to meaningful retention. The park offers spaces suitable for themed trails, challenges and role-plays that build team collaboration and trust: creative thinking alternated with breaks for relaxation and fun opens to new solutions. Ideal place also for themed happenings, apericena, breakfasts and business dinners. Entertainment services including musicians and singers, magicians, sillhouette artists and more.

    University Workshops

    The gazebo under the big trees is just a nice place to communicate. The 50 sq. m. room equipped for every need offers its spaces for university workshops, video conferences, conventions, congresses and meetings of all kinds. Even the most intense topics take on lightness and inspiration when treated in the beauty of nature. The Gazebo’s square floor plan makes it possible to optimize the arrangement of participants, with a room layout in stalls, single table or horseshoe shape, absolutely versatile and adaptable to each individual event. The equipment, both in terms of sound system, blackboard, video projection and lighting, makes every meeting perfect. Light lunch and coffee break service for refreshments between speeches.

    A Thousand Corners of Peace and Beauty

    Among our strenghts

    The Gazebo

    49m2 of room that you can use as you wish.

    Your meeting space among trees and flowers, suitable for:

    • Corporate events
    • Workshops and conferences
    • Holistic seminars

    The surroundings

    Casa della Gioia is located in Castelveccana, a delightful town situated between Laveno (a ten-minute drive away, where the train arrives and the hydrofoil departs) and Luino (a must-visit Wednesday market).

    With a nice walk you can reach the small village of Caldé, the little Portofino of Lake Maggiore with its romantic little harbor, from which in a few minutes you can reach the Fornaci beaches, or the divers’ beach, with lots of little trees on the shore and clear water.

    In Laveno with the funicular railway, an impressive 15-minute ascent takes you up to Mount Sasso del Ferro, about 1,000 meters above sea level, from which there is a stunning view of the lake that fades into the distance.

    Among the splendid trips to be organized absolutely cannot miss the enchanting Borromean Islands, favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world with their sumptuous palaces and gardens, the enchanting Hermitage of Santa Caterina dal Sasso, Lake Elio, Mount Mottarone and Cuvignone, Curiglia, the Froda waterfalls and the exquisite Villa Pallavicino, Villa della Porta Bozzolo and Villa Taranto with their wonderful botanical gardens.


    Santa Caterina del Sasso

    Isole Borromee

    Villa Pallavicino

    Sasso del Ferro

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